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Ganapati Homa

Seattle Holistic Center and Tenzan Aikido are sponsoring Ganapati Homa, a celebratory ritual, for the benefit of peace and harmony as Bruce and Colette complete the sale of the building that they have occupied for 30 years. 

Puja/Homa is ritualistic worship of the Divine performed to keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual upliftment. By doing puja, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces are created around us. These spiritual forces work to eliminate the negative influences in our life and help surround us with positive energy which can bring us peace of mind, material prosperity and enable us to more clearly touch the Divine, our true nature. 

Please register for this event as it will help us to know how much prasadam (blessed food and sacred ash packets) to prepare.  Register here.

Pujas and Homas are regularly conducted by Pujarini Meera. To know about the Pujas or to have one performed at your place, please contact Meera at