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Founder and Teacher

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Colette Crawford

I began yoga as a teenager in the late 1960’s with my mother and took my first classes with Maria Svoboda. I attended Richard Schactel’s first yoga teacher training and was certified in 1986, and then in 1992 through BKS Iyengar. My greatest teacher and the source of constant inspiration on this path is my Guru, Mata Amritandamayi, or Amma, as she is known.  It is through Amma, I am learning the true essence of yoga and spiritual living.

I am an experienced registered nurse specializing in maternal/child health, labor and delivery and childbirth education. The inspiration for the prenatal yoga program came from my public health nursing days when I weaved in yoga poses with childbirth education for women who were hospitalized. During these years I worked with pregnant and parenting teens and was the president of the Snohomish County Teen Pregnancy Task Force.

I have assisted hundreds of women in labor and early postpartum care, including being a lactation specialist. Since 1989 I have taught prenatal yoga to thousands of women, their families and yoga teachers from all over the world.

Another one of my specialties is therapeutic yoga. In 1992 I created Heal Your Back as a result of my own healing journey using yoga after I had suffered a severe back injury in a car accident while eight months pregnant. At this time I experienced my first CranialSacral Therapy treatment which gave me great benefit. After years of referring out I received certificates from Upledger Institute to practice CranialSacral Therapy for all ages with a specialty in pregnancy and pediatrics.

My commitment is to helping you on your journey of health, healing and spiritual growth. I am   dedicated to assisting women and their families to actualize their inner wisdom to birth and parent consciously. It has been a gift and privilege to parent my four children with my loving husband, Bruce. The path of family is my meditation.

Colette teaches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She is also available for craniosacral appointments.

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Emma Snoland

In the constant flow of life, we often forget to give ourselves the much need time to unwind and listen in on what our bodies need. My hope is to create a space for expectant and new mothers, to come into my yoga class and let it all out on the mat for the time we share together. I focus on connecting to the power of the breath.  It is through the breath we can gain a greater awareness of the strength of the pelvic floor, back, hips and heart. I look forward to helping each woman strengthen her practice, so she can move in to motherhood with confidence, strength and ease.

I began my journey of serving the birthing community by becoming a Doula in 2016 – it has always been in my blood to support and uplift others. I feel immense privilege in being part of women’s lives as they move into the transition of motherhood.

I completed my 100- hour Prenatal Yoga Training at the Seattle Holistic Center under the love and guidance of Colette Crawford. I believe that being a Prenatal Yoga Instructor is a perfect complement to my work as a Doula. When not empowering woman on and off the mat - I enjoy hiking, cuddling up with a good book and painting.

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Aubrey Jean Bonora

Aubrey is a mother of two children. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) from California, having moved here to Seattle at the beginning of 2016. She provides infant and child development playgroups and co-facilitates Adjusting to Parenthood through Perinatal Support Washington, a group offering additional support for the emotional changes and challenges of adapting to parenthood. Aubrey has run a successful mommy and me group, doula, lactation support and traumatic birth consultation practice in California, and was a doula in the UK and South Africa.

Aubrey brings a unique practice in supporting new families and their infants and toddlers informed by her Masters in pre- and perinatal psychology and somatic psychology, while providing support from an attachment perspective with attention to attuning you to your baby through play.

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Jessica Leigh Smith

I approach teaching yoga as holding space. Using the physical asana postures to find focus and grounding, I build creative sequence steeped in anatomical knowledge and thoughtful transitions to allow deeper access into postures, using the thread of breath and intention to tie everything together and cultivate deeper awareness. I believe in teaching in a collaborative way to meet each student where they are, no matter the level of physical activity or prior yoga experience. 

I love that yoga allows us to deeply connect with our bodies and embrace our bodies' continual change - a change that is constant for everyone, but is especially noticeable during pregnancy and in growing kids! I'm thankful that yoga helps me tap into this awareness and find deep rest.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Jaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, and my pregnancy and postpartum yoga training at Seattle Holistic Center with Colette Crawford. When off the mat, you'll find me exploring Seattle, testing out new recipes, feeding my creative impulses, and on long walks with my partner, Ben, and my pup, Moose.


Robin Anex

Dance and movement were in my life growing up.  I developed a regular Kripalu yoga practice in college.  Then, as a pregnant person, I followed a friend’s recommendation to Colette’s prenatal class.  The support and practice of her classes helped prepare me for birth and parenthood. Twice.  The second time with twins.  Her wisdom has frequently revisited me during these decades of parenting, and her teaching continues to foster patience and gratitude on my path.

 My yoga classes focus on integrated movement (asana), conscious breathwork (pranayama) and attention (dharana).  These practices can be accessible to all and are powerful tools of transformation.

I have used mindfulness techniques in my early childhood classroom, drawing on trainings in BrainDance with Anne Green Gilbert, Radiant Child Yoga with Shakta Kaur Khalsa, and The Whole Brain Child with Dan Siegel.  I have worked with neurodiverse bodies and minds.  I know that sensory processing, communication, and trauma recovery are all improved with mindful and bodyful practices.

As a person, a student, a parent, and a teacher I repeatedly observe and experience that the mind and body shape and reshape as we move through life.  Mindful movement in a safe space can help us process information in our bodies, better integrate our brains, support our nervous system’s work, and guide us to more intelligently attend to bodily cues. Yoga is a practice that supports a more robust experience of our lives. 

 As a longtime preschool teacher and ardent advocate for serious play I invite you come to a Forrest informed yoga class.  All bodies welcome.  All levels welcome.  

Katie with daughter, Frankie

Katie with daughter, Frankie

Katie Parker

I will be forever grateful to the people of Seattle Holistic Center for all the ways they have supported and continue to support me in my transition into motherhood. I had never felt more connected to my intuition or power - or to the earth and world around me - as I was in the weeks and hours leading up to the birth of my daughter: a real shift from always looking outside of myself for assurance or affirmation. It was from that experience that I came to trust my power and the importance of surrendering, and that trust forms a foundation that guides me in my path as a mother and as a person.

I was drawn to the Center's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training to better understand the tremendous power of pregnancy, birth, and mothering. The training and my connection with the other women in the course helped me to see many of the ways feminine and mothering energy can nurture and heal our world. 

I feel so much gratitude to have the opportunity to teach and learn from mothers- and parents-to-be about our internal wisdom and strength, about our capacity for surrender, trust, and love.

When I'm not learning about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time, I love to make music and food and laugh with my daughter and other kiddos, and I spend time organizing for racial justice with CARW, a Seattle group connected to the national Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Katie teaches The Labor Workshop and subs prenatal classes.

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Mandy Ainslie

My journey with yoga has been incredibly blessed, blissful, and full of surprises. I've been practicing for more than ten years, but it was in 2010 that I decided to journey to South-East Asia to deepen my study, initially with Agama Yoga in Thailand. Since then it's been a whirlwind of travel, training with incredible teachers, discovering a more authentic me, and finding my voice as a teacher.

In my experience, yoga brings more love into life – what an honor to be teaching Love! I've had the pleasure of studying with veteran teacher Tara Judelle of Lila Yoga, as well as Anusara-Inspired teacher Elizabeth Linton, and I completed a 200-hour teacher-training with Ashton Szabo and Emma Warmington at the Virajati Yoga School. I've also been a Birth Doula since 2004, having completed extensive training at Seattle Midwifery School. I consider it a profound gift to assist women during pregnancy and labor.

Prenatal yoga is a beautiful bridge between my passions, and I love helping women to find deeper levels of trust, strength and surrender within themselves. I feel tremendous gratitude for the training and guidance I've received from Colette Crawford at the Seattle Holistic Center. I aim to bring playfulness, love, and compassion into my classes, giving my students a safe place to find grace and empowerment through breath and movement.

I'm excited to teach Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as 'tapping') for Pregnancy at the Seattle Holistic Center, to bring energetic and emotional healing to the entire journey of pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

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Aditi Grandy, CNM

During my pregnancy in 1998, I came to yoga. Colette was my first yoga teacher.  Attending weekly prenatal yoga classes brought mobility and comfort in my body, calmness in my spirit, connection in my mind.  The birth of my daughter at home was a life changing, amazing experience.  Yoga enhanced the flexibility of my body and mind to take this life altering journey.

Then there is parenting!  The birth is an amazing day that is the seed for the years of personal transformation offered in daily parenting.  Daily looking into the reflection like a mirror, parenting brought opportunity for daily growth.  Yoga gave me the practice and tools needed for presence as a parent.

Throughout the years, yoga and meditation provided key practice to increasing presence.  In 2009, while practicing yoga on a vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico I had an awareness that yoga was not just something for my body/mind—it was my spiritual path.  Yoga includes all: meditation, body expansion, wisdom—a wholistic spiritual path.  I returned to dive deep into the path of yoga and practice more fully with Dawn Torres, in Bothell, Wa where I live.

In 2013, I traveled to India to study with my guru, Anand Mehrotra completing Sattva Yoga 200hr Teacher Training.  I experienced a profound awakening and passion for sharing this path with others.  I returned to India in 2015 and 2016 for further study completing over 500 hrs of study and training with Anand.

In 2014, I returned to my friend and mentor, Colette for prenatal yoga teacher training.  I completed Sattva Prenatal Yoga 85hr teacher training in 2015 with Siddhi Ellington and continue to co-teach with her.

And I am a midwife!  I have had the honor and privilege of serving as a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) since 1996—caring for women, partners and babies in this amazing journey of life welcoming over 1000 new souls in attendance at births.  I am currently practicing at the Midwives Clinic at Northwest Hospital/UW Medicine—located just a little north of Seattle Holistic Center. 

My vision is to meet you at your current place on your life path and support your journey of growth on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  As we each expand in our consciousness individually, we awaken to our fullness, strength and ability to love, parent consciously and be with all that life presents to us, in each moment.   

Hari Om (all is sacred)