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BirthSongs™ is an easy and comfortable technique that you can use before, during, and after  giving birth.

In this warm, fun, accepting and loving environment, you will learn to sing during pregnancy and through birthing, use your voice to tone, which helps you to relax, focus and release negative emotions. Together we will sing to our unborn babies and learn songs to sooth our newborns.

$20 drop-in or use 1 class from your discount card

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Rochelle House is a mother of four children and a professional singer. Having given birth four times has allowed her the opportunity to experience many different pain-relieving and centering techniques. By the time I gave birth to my youngest daughter, I had come to realize that singing during the birthing process was an extremely effective method for relieving pain and calming myself.

Private BirthSongs sessions are also available by Rochelle House, M.A.