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Prenatal Yoga Training Level 1: A New Paradigm

Learn from the Center that gave birth to Prenatal Yoga in Seattle.

Seattle Holistic Center offers one of the most comprehensive prenatal yoga teacher trainings available. The Prenatal Yoga Training programs are infused with the wisdom of holistic childbirth education and yoga.

You’ll go beyond the technique of yoga postures while deepening your understanding of pregnancy, labor and birth. Factual information on the current evidence-based data of our modern birthing practices is woven into the instruction of each prenatal class. This helps women to understand what their choices are and to make conscious decisions for their care, which can greatly improve birth outcomes.

  1. Appropriate technology for birth; State of Health Care and Birth; The Awakening of Motherhood
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Structuring a prenatal/postnatal class, sequencing, general routine of poses 
  4. Attending 2 classes with E-RYT
  5. Effects of stress on MotherBaby; Breathing and relaxation techniques  
  6. Common discomforts of pregnancy; Therapeutic application with alternative modalities
  7. Optimal Fetal Position (dealing with occiput posterior, breech, and asynclitic presentations)
  8. Normal labor and birth
  9. Early postpartum period  
  10. Chanting and meditation

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