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I Can Birth

Mothers all over the world say "I want the best for my baby."

An undisturbed birth is best for most mothers and babies.

In this 2-day weekend intensive with Jenn Strano you will learn:

  • breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques for labor
  • movement and labor positions
  • how to strengthen your coping skills
  • gain knowledge and confidence about labor and birth
  • and more...

The I Can Birth program provides more depth of understanding about the body-mind connection, the roles of hormones, and more explanation behind the bodily functions of birth. You get more time to practice breathing, yoga, and coping techniques, and work with meditation and energy.  You also receive information about hospital practices and learn about the current standards of care, alternatives to hospital birth, and help you think about what fits best for you and your family.  

We live in a time where birthing is seen as something that requires intervention. This discounts the mother's natural power to birth. Today with 98% of births experiencing routine medical interventions, we are losing our understanding of what an undisturbed birth really is.  Cesarean Section rates have soared, along with induction of labor, epidural anesthesia, forceps and vacuum deliveries.  These methods carry their own risks.  A spontaneous vaginal birth is likely to be the safest and most satisfying option for you.

The majority of women can birth without any interventions. Women and babies have the inherent wisdom necessary for birth.

The workshop spans Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

Friday 7-9pm and Saturday 1-5pm

$195 per couple

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