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Prenatal Yoga Training Level 2: Transition into Motherhood

You’ll go beyond the technique of yoga postures to deepen your understanding of pregnancy, labor and conscious birthing. Factual information on the current evidence-based data of modern birthing practices is woven into the instruction of each Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training class. This understanding will enable you to help empower women with an understanding of their choices, so they can make conscious decisions for their care, potentially greatly improving their birth outcomes.

Inversions, Healthy Back and Hips, Relaxation and Breathing Techniques for Pregnancy and Labor

Attend 2 Classes with an E-RYT

Teach 2 Classes with an E-RYT

Evidence-based Data on Benefits & Risks of Current Birthing Practices, Drugs and Tests

Techniques for Challenges in Labor

Couples Yoga, and Massage for Labor

Cesarean Section Prevention and VBAC

Energy Styles, Masculine & Feminine Energy, and the Chakras

Chanting & Meditation

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Earlier Event: July 30