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CHildren's Stargate: ‘Listening to the Earth and All HerBeings’

 Our Elders tell us that it is the children and the elders who are closest to Creator.

Your Child is invited to the Center for Sacred Studies at the Lodge at Cedar Springs, Sedro Woolley, WA

During our time together, we will encourage and give opportunities for our childrento listen to the voice of Spirit that is in all things and bring those messages andinstructions back to the community and the elders.

Children’s Stargate begins on Monday August 12, 2019 in the afternoon (pleasecome early and enjoy the property) and completes after lunch on Thursday August 15,2019.

We want to invite our Parents to stay and participate in the“in-between times”,especiallyifyourchildisyounger.Whenyouaren’tscoopingup children from the lodge or helping with bedtimes, you may havesome relaxingtimeenjoying Day Creek, views of the Cascade Foothills,meditating,or   walkingontheland...comeparticipate!

We welcome all our relations to come witness the Children’spresentation totheeldersandcommunityandtheirgraduationlatemorningonThursday.Pleaseletusknowifyouwillbejoiningusincelebrationofour children and if you will be staying forlunch.

Cost for the 4 days and 3 nights:  Children $150; Parents $250

Registration is now open, space is limited. The deadline to register is August 4th

For registration contact:

For general information contact:   Irene at

Darlene Hunterhas been on the teaching staff facilitating the Stargate Program since 1996. She has     been working with children for 20 years.  She joins with an amazing team to offer the first Children’s Stargate in Washington!  Brenda, Frank, Irene, Lori, Rachel, and Jessica!