childbirth education

Childbirth is a transcendent experience unlike any other. Our goal is to help ease any anxiety you may have about labor and delivery, and allow you to bring more relaxation and consciousness to each step of your journey. What makes our Childbirth Education programs stand apart is what we’ve learned from over 45 years of our founder’s expertise in yoga and meditation practices, combined with both “medical” and “natural” birthing knowledge through childbirth nursing, doula support and extensive midwifery studies.

We would be honored to help you prepare for the miracle of your baby’s birth.

Our experience learning with you was wonderful, and it was amazingly helpful for the time leading up to and through labor and delivery. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of a safe and healthy natural birth!
— M. Rudin
I was able to birth with awareness and through movement, which I am so, so happy about. Yoga, the Labor Workshop...and all the mamas in class were a big part of my preparation, so thank you all!
— L.S.


Conscious Birthing

For Pregnant Women and Their Partners
Empower yourself by discovering your natural, innate wisdom, and learning the knowledge and skills you need to make the most conscious decisions about your baby’s birth.

Today’s increasingly technological approach to childbirth dismisses a women’s natural power to birth. In our country, 98% of women will have drugs during their labors, which can often create the need for more interventions. We want you to know you have options.

In this workshop series, you will learn current evidence-based maternity care practices to help you understand what your choices are in any setting—hospital, birth center or home—so you can make more conscious decisions for your and your baby’s care.

Using movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, you’ll learn how to help center yourself and connect to your intuition so you can feel more relaxed and better able to cope with labor. The movements you learn can often help your baby’s positioning, too. In every class, you and your partner will get hands-on experience as you practice these techniques so you feel more prepared when the time comes to birth your baby. You’ll also discover how to create an environment that is supportive and sacred, wherever you decide to birth.

We look forward to supporting you in feeling more confident and inspired during this extraordinary time for you and your baby.

Preregistration required. Register early, as class size is limited!
And please wear comfortable clothing, so you’re easily able to work with the movements taught in class.  

As a 2-Part Workshop:
May 17 and 18, 2019

Friday (May 17) 7–9 pm
Saturday (May 18) 1–5 pm

$195 Per Couple

the labor workshop

A 2-Hour Workshop
For Pregnant Women and Their Partners

New mothers often ask, “What will labor be like?” “How will I cope with the pain?”
Their partners often wonder, “Will I be able to help her the way she needs?”

In this 2-hour workshop you’ll both become more aware of how to connect with each other and feel more confident in your labor and birth with an overview of the primary tools that can help. You’ll also learn about the normal process of labor and how our environment affects it.

Additional topics include…
• Breathing, massage, acupressure and relaxation techniques
• Specific movements that may help your baby move into a more optimal position for birth
• Positions that can help mothers cope with the pain of labor

By the end of class you’ll both feel more prepared and excited about your baby’s birth. You can take this class several times if you want, and at any stage of your pregnancy.

Preregistration required. Register early as class size is limited!
If you prefer a private class, see our Private Childbirth Session further down in this section.

A 2-Hour Workshop:
(Choose one, unless you want a repeat class!)

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Aug 18, 2019

Per Couple: $75 (or use 4 classes from your class card



private childbirth session
(by appointment only)

Receive personal instruction in way that works best for you with a private couple’s session taught by one of our highly-skilled prenatal yoga instructors, who is also a professional birth doula.

In addition to learning special movement and breathing practices to help you through labor, you’ll have the opportunity to view a unique 30-minute DVD, demonstrating a variety of coping techniques and birthing positions.

To schedule your private session, please email:

Per Couple: $145 (90-minute couple session)