It is the Mothers, not the warriors who create a people and guide their destiny.


In the late 1970’s, well into the Women’s Liberation Movement, I was a young mother with small children. I can remember upon meeting a new acquaintance being asked, “So, what do you do?” Cheerfully I responded, “I’m a mother.” This elicited discomfort and a change of subject. I was confused. What did I say that seemed so unusual? 

I have grown to understand my path as a woman, wife and mother to be a spiritual one. When I fully engage and pour my heart and love into caring for my family I feel no resistance. Cooking, cleaning and juggling work becomes a meditation. In fact it strengthens my practice of meditation.

It is woman’s nature to plant the seeds of love, compassion, patience, honesty, fearlessness, generosity, faith, worship and prayer into the deep consciousness of her children, thus adding beauty to the world. Everything is born of the feminine. Luther Standing Bear of the Lakota Nation said: “It is the mothers, not the warriors, who create a people and guide their destiny.”

Let us remember what we are given every day from our collective mother, the Earth, the greatest gift of all – life.

And, that we must protect this fiercely. 

Colette Crawford

From my daughter, Brynn:

It has taken me being a mother to fully realize the sacrifice involved in parenting. Beginning with pregnancy I had to give my body over to my baby. It was no longer mine. I was sharing it with my child. Giving birth every cell in my body had to open and let go in order for my child to pass through me. That was scary, until I accepted it. Deep down somewhere in me, my basic need for survival was being challenged. My mind was going “Hey lady, it’s you or the baby.” I had to sacrifice myself for my daughter and then she emerged after about 2 hours of pushing.

We don’t escape this work either once the baby is born. There were times when I really wanted to work on a project and my baby wanted to be held or nurse. I would get frustrated and she would get fussier until finally I gave up my agenda and just sat with her. Some days I couldn’t give up my attachment to whatever it was that I was doing. Those were very stressful days. 

The book, “The Giving Tree,” makes me cry almost every time I read it. This beautiful tree gives every thing she has for a young boy as he grows and ages, starting with the fruit from her branches, to the wood of her body, until all she has left to give is her stump for him to sit on as an old man. This is mothering. 

Being a mother is the core foundation for our children. We are the launching pad for them to grow from, learn from and eventually take off from.

We work hard. It is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year job. It’s what we do. Motherhood is the unacknowledged taskforce of raising children. Mothers are tested in their physical abilities, creativity, intelligence, will power and patience every day. There are no vacations or sick days. 

When I think of my own mother and her mothering to me I view her now with a different set of eyes. I am no longer just a daughter. I have passed over a threshold into the realm of motherhood. I can relate to some of her struggles. 

So to all mothers, pregnant and many years beyond, the work you do as a mother is recognized. We honor you. Every mother out there knows the amazing work involved in raising our children. Seeing our children grow, laugh, learn, achieve, and become mature loving adults is our trophy, this is our gold medal. 

Happy Mother’s Day and many blessings to you all,


PS. Father’s you have a very important job too, so we honor you as well!

Colette Crawford